Case Study: PG Planner

Case Study: Empowering Accommodation Seekers and Providers with PG Planner App Suite

Client Background:

Client: PG Planner

Project Duration: 12 months (Ongoing)

Executive Summary:

Clever Minds collaborated with PG Planner to develop a comprehensive app suite catering to the needs of both accommodation seekers and providers in the PG and hostel space. The solution includes a user-facing app for seekers, an admin app for PG owners, and an admin panel website for centralized control.


The accommodation landscape for students and professionals often lacks a unified platform for seamless interaction between seekers and providers. The challenge was to create a user-friendly and efficient system that addresses the specific needs of both user segments.


  • PG Planner User App:
    • AcFriendly Interface: Intuitive design for a smooth navigation experience.
    • Connectivity Features: Tools for connecting with potential roommates and hosting guests.
    • Dynamic Exploration: A dynamic search and filter system for seekers to easily find suitable accommodations.
    • Sharing Options and Rent Information: Clear details on sharing options and transparent rent breakdowns for informed decision-making.
    • Download PG Planner User App on Google Play
  • PG Planner Admin App:
    • Operational Streamlining: Features for seamless rent collection, real-time room availability checks, and effective communication tools.
    • Online Booking System: Lead generation and online booking capabilities to enhance user engagement.
    • Mess Management: Daily food menu updates for improved resident satisfaction.
    • Showcasing Properties: A mechanism to highlight and update property listings in the user app.
    • Download PG Planner Admin App on Google Play
  • Admin Panel Website for Clients:
    • Centralized Dashboard: Real-time insights into property listings, occupancy, and financial data.
    • User Management and Access Controls: Administrative tools for managing users and controlling access.
    • Communication Tools: Direct communication channels with residents for improved management.
    • Financial Reports and Analytics: Comprehensive financial reports for informed decision-making.
    • Visit PG Planner Admin Panel Website

Technologies Utilized:

  • Version Control: GitHub for collaborative development and version tracking.
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins for automated build and deployment processes.
  • Automated Testing:
    • Selenium for web application testing.
    • Appium for mobile application testing.
  • Agile Process: Utilized Scrum methodology for iterative and collaborative development.
  • Collaboration Platform: Slack for real-time communication and team collaboration.
  • Architecture: Monolithic
  • Frontend Design: Figma
  • Frontend Development: React (TypeScript)
  • Android Development: Java and Kotlin
  • Backend Development: Node.js
  • Cloud Hosting: AWS (Amazon S3, EC2)
  • Payment Gateway: Razorpay
  • Real-time Chat and Notifications: Firebase and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
  • SMS Communication: MSG91
  • Email Communication: SES (Simple Email Service)


The PG Planner app suite has significantly transformed the accommodation-seeking experience for users while streamlining operations for PG and hostel owners. The Agile process, combined with Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, and Slack, ensures a responsive development approach, robust testing methodologies, and seamless team collaboration.

User Adoption:

A rapid increase in user adoption since the app’s launch.

Operational Efficiency:

PG owners have reported improved efficiency in rent collection and room management.

Positive User Feedback:

Users have appreciated the ease of navigation, connectivity features, and the transparency in rent information.

Future Roadmap:

Clever Minds and PG Planner continue to collaborate on refining and expanding the app suite. Future enhancements may include AI-driven recommendation systems, additional communication tools, and integration with emerging technologies to further elevate the user experience.


The collaboration between Clever Minds and PG Planner exemplifies the power of innovative IT solutions in addressing real-world challenges. The PG Planner app suite, incorporating Agile methodologies, Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, Slack, stands as a testament to Clever Minds’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that make a tangible impact on the lives of users.

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